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Hidden Dropcam DIY Solutions

Hidden Dropcam DIY Solutions


How Our Interest In Creating The Perfect Hidden Dropcam Enclosure Came To Be

Ever since the Drocpam came out, creative DIYers have come up with solutions to hide the Dropcam.

Some of their creations have inspired us to start Dropcessories and by re-creating them we learned about some of the shortcomings and how to fix them.

1. Hole in the Dropcam Box - an instant classic 

Posted on imgur by an anonymous pioneer of the hidden Dropcam movement, this contraption is a bold first step towards creating a concealed Dropcam case.

Hidden Dropcam hole in box 1




The first step involves cutting a circle in the front part part of the Dropcam box. This is where the Dropcam will be fixed.

 The socket at the bottom of the Dropcam is visible so that the cable can be inserted.











And this is how it looks from the front:

 Hidden Dropcam hole in the box 2




Looks pretty neat, doesn't it? The camera is still fairly visible, but that's where our anonymous pioneer has a stroke of genius. 

The best way to hide a Dropcam is by covering it by an obvious picture of the Dropcam - and that's where the the other packaging cover comes in.










Now we cut a hole into the outer cover of Dropcam packaging. The hole should be the same size as the lens.   

Hidden Dropcamholw in the Dropcam box 3 





















Then we pull the packaging over the inner box - et voila - our Dropcam is 'hidden'!

Hidden Dropcam hole in the Dropcam box outside viewHidden Dropcam in Dropcam box view through the hole

When we built this we were super excited. Finally, a way to (kind of) hide the Dropcam.

Then night came and we wanted to test the night vision capability of our new hidden Dropcam enclosure.

The first picture is of the room when the lights are on:

 The we turned off the light and only saw this:


And this is what the dark room looks like when the night vision is on without the DIY hidden enclosure:

The night vision of the Dropcam is heavily impaired - almost useless when placed in the DIY hidden case and we were really bummed out.

However, this DIY experience made us curious and we started researching the problem. We started reading about the properties of infrared light: wavelength, frequency and photon energy.  

The reason why the night vision did not work in our DIY cases, was because the IR light, simply speaking, could not 'get through' the outer packaging. That's why it illuminated the inside of the cover, but the rest of the room was dark. In the process of learning about the properties of IR light we also learned about different materials and their respective attenuation coefficients regarding IR light.

When developing our products we have worked closely with a team of optical engineers to ensure that our hidden Dropcam enclosures do not impair the camera's night vision.


2. Dropcam Hidden in Birdhouse - made by Internet DIY Queen Mimi

One of our all-time favorite DIY solutions to hide your Dropcam comes from Mimi.

She had the genius idea of hiding her Dropcam in a birdhouse! Check out her youtube video:

The birdhouse to hide the Dropcam is a great example of craftsmanship and creativity and we applaud Mimi's effort.

So...we spent many hours on the internet and only found two good solutions to hide a Dropcam -  that's when we decided that we wanted to change that. Our products are the first professional hidden Dropcam enclosures and are the result of many months of testing, research and product development.

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