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About Us

We at Dropcessories are Dropcam enthusiast like you. We design and produce accessories for Dropcam to solve problems that we encountered when using our cameras. We wrote a detailed account on our motivation to start the website on our blog.

Keeping your home safe and secure is the number one priority of all homeowners. Your home is your castle, and you should be able to protect it. One of the best ways to keep your home safe and secure is by owning a Dropcam. It enables you to keep an eye on things from anywhere in the country, allowing you to feel more in control regarding the safety of your home.

At Dropcessories, we believe that homeowners should have that piece of mind that their property is safe and secure. Dropcessories' mission is to make products that make your Dropcam more practical and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking for ways to hide your Dropcam outside or inside, Dropcessories has the product that is right for you. Should any unwelcomed visitors find their way into your home, they will never know they are being watched by a hidden Dropcam.

When your Dropcam stands in your house in plain sight, your invited guests may not feel comfortable being in your home knowing a Dropcam is recording their every move and unwelcome visitors may even spot the Dropcam and do something to disable it.

Using your Dropcam along with products from Dropcessories also allows you piece of mind that your hidden Dropcam is helping keep your home safe and secure, while your invited houseguests won’t have that icky feeling of being monitored.

Dropcessories welcome all feedback about our website and our products. If you have an idea for a new product please feel free to drop us a line. Simply send an email to jonathan@dropcessories.com or find us on Facebook and Twitter. All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

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