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10 Apr '15

Behold - The LED Alarm Clock to Hide Your Dropcam is out

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

You gave us feedback and we listened. Our customers have been loving the mirrored tissue box but had one major criticism: '...but what about the cable?' They are worried that the Dropcam cable coming out of the tissue box would arouse suspicion.

Good point, well made. So we went back to the drawing board to develop a hidden Dropcam enclosure where the existence of the Dropcam cable would not make people suspicious. Our customers suggested dozens of great ideas but the most frequent suggestion was to make a practical and functional LED Alarm Clock - and here it is:

LED alarm clock to Dropcam mood 1

This low key design of the LED Alarm Clock helps it blend in seamlessly into any room. The display shows the time, date, weekday and temperature and, of course, an alarm function (Duh!).

The Dropcam is well hidden behind the speaker. Upon very close inspection one can vaguely recognize the round shape of the Dropcam lens, but it is practically indistinguishable from the round shape of a normal speaker.

LED alarm clock to hide a Dropcam back 1LED alarm clock to hide a Dropcam back 2

The Dropcam and its cable are inserted from the back and concealed by the back lid of the enclosure. The back lid stabilizes and conceals the camera from the back while keeping it well ventilated. The cable coming out of the Dropcam does not arouse suspicion. 

LED alarm clock to hide Dropcam white background front

The front of the speaker is made of special material that allows 100% of infrared light to pass through! That means 0% IR light reflection and 100% night vision capability!

We think the product turned out pretty well and we hope that you guys have as much fun with the product as we had designing and making it!


Your Dropcessories Team


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