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07 Mar '15

You now require a nest account to access your Dropcam footage

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

We at Dropcessories recently received the following email in our inbox:

Dropcam email nest account

Now you need to open a nest account in order to access our Dropcam footage. Not the end of the world, but a minor inconvenience. However, a lot of users reported bugs with the account integration and aired their frustration on twitter

One point that went largely unnoticed in the debate about the new account is the fact that users now agree with nest's privacy policy which allows nest to share infromation about your home with Google Now.



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Michael, yes I agree. Let’s hope nest does not destroy this great product!

Posted by Jonathan Goodman on March 09, 2015

If NEST keeps this crap up, The Dropcam competition will be getting a sales boost.

Posted by Michael Nardoni on March 07, 2015

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