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01 Mar '15

5 Reasons Why You Should Hide Your Dropcam

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

5. Babysitters

When you let a stranger in your house and allow them to be so close to the people you love most, you cannot afford to take any chances. You have to be 100% certain that the person is morally upright, treats your children well and respects your property. Of course you could record her with a non-hidden Dropcam, but this would not tell what she does in corners of the house that are not under surveillance nor would it tell you how she acts if she were not monitored. You need to test her character and see how she behaves in your house when she thinks that she is not being recorded.


4. Caregivers

Your elderly relatives raised you and cared for you with all their devotion, you owe it to them that when they come of age they are being looked after by caretakers who treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve.


3. Maids

The concern that cleaning personnel might damage or even steal you property is as old as the cleaning industry itself. Hiding your Dropcam can help you uncover their misconduct. 


2. Intruders

The burglars in the below video spot the Dropcam, cover their faces and unplug the camera - thus rendering it useless.


1. Cheating Spouse

Admittedly: the cheating spouse video had a rather surprising ending! But I guess it was cheating nonetheless. 

We don't know if the husband was mad? We also don't know if the husband should have been mad - that's for the philosophers and scholars to decide.  

However, there is one thing we are 100% certain of: You should hide your Dropcam!

In the words of the 'the Gipper':

 Ronald Reagan Trust but Verify

You are trusting people enough to let them into your life - verify that they deserve your trust.


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Mirrored Tissue box to hide DropcamMirrored tissue box 2Mirrored tissue box to hide Dropcam

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