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24 Feb '15

Police have asked Nest for Dropcam footage - Should we be worried?

Posted by Ben Cook

We at Dropcessories follow all Dropcam related news and updates very closely. This week Fusion broke the story that police have asked Nest to share recorded Dropcam footage in order to aid criminal investigations. Is this a case of law enforcement overreach into our homes? Should we be worried? How long until police can casually change from one live feed to the next and watch our every move? 

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While the announcement offers a welcome opportunity for Dropcam-critics to point out the Orwellian risks of security cameras, the news is really a none-issue...here is why:

1. The police merely asked for recorded footage: Since the dawn of video recording law enforcement agents have asked for video footage when it helped to solve a crime. This is true for public CCTV recordings, more conventional IP cameras like Foscam and now Dropcam - no news here! Nobody asked for / or was given access to the Dropcam live stream.




2. Search warrant or even subpoena are required: Nest has been compelled to hand over the footage after being presented with a warrant or subpoena. That means that a judge has reviewed the case extensively and it has been proven that probable cause for a search exists.

3. Account holders have been informed: Nest informed all affected account holders about the police action - so no information has been shared with authorities without the knowledge of camera owners.

All things considered we can still sleep tight knowing that we (and not Big Brother) are watching over ourselves via Dropcam. 

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We’ll see as long as Google don’t allow Law enforcement to abuse access without proper protocol, I see no problem with it. Only time will tell, I’m sure Their are plenty of Attorney’s waiting in the wings to swoop down and start filing law suits and class action lawsuits against Nest/Google.

Posted by Michael.N on March 01, 2015

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