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30 Jan '15

New York Times Reporter: The Power of Dropcam

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

Recently New York Times reporter Brian Chen posted a short piece about how his Dropcam made a number of interesting recordings when looking at the road in front of his house.

Some of the incidence are fairly amusing for example after discovering an unusual large piece of fecal matter, hes assumed it was his dog only to find footage on the Dropcam proving that the pile of waste was made by a human. Funny...and a bit disturbing. Other instances that were caught by the Dropcam are a collision between a biker and motorist and a 'random act of fireworks'.

Brian Chen also briefly reflects on the implication of giving a large number of people access to IP cameras, and comes to a similar conclusion we arrived at in one of our previous blog posts (Big Brother’s Little Brother) i.e. that the increasing penetration of Dropcam will lead to to surveillance power being put in the hands of ordinary people who can watch out for each other - a democratization and decentralization of big brother. We at Dropcessories are glad that the NYT agrees with us.

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