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18 Jul '14

Best Ways to Hide a Dropcam

Posted by Ben Cook

7. Any busy place filled with lots of stuff

Dropcam hidden in messSometimes it's already enough to place your Dropcam somewhere where it doesn't stand out. If you can't hide it, distract from it as much as possible - place it somewhere where there are lots of other items that take focus away from the camera.  

Maybe a place where you already have lots of electronics like close to your TV - there are already lots of other devices one more or less is not going to stand out too much. Just don't place it in a spot that is bare.





6. Build your own Birdhouse

If you are very DIY inclined, you can build your own Dropcam birdhouse enclosure like DIY Queen Mimi . But the birdhouse is best suited for the outdoors...unless you have a very quirky interior designer!  







5. In a Dropcam Box


By simply cutting a hole into the Dropcam



However,the night vision is heavily impaired

Also, it's not really a 'hidden Dropcam' per se - since there is a huge picture of a massive Dropcam right on it.  












4. In artificial plants/flowers

One of our first products allows you to hide a Dropcam in a tasteful bouquet of artificial plants and flowers.  

Hide Dropcam in fernHide Dropcam in Hydrangea

3. In a plush Panda

Hide Dropcam in Panda 1Hide Dropcam in Panda 2

2. Hide you Dropcam in a mirrored tissue box


1. Hide you Dropcam in an LED Alarm Clock

 LED Alarm clock to hide a DropcamLED Alarm clock to hide a DropcamLED Alarm clock to hide a Dropcam

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