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12 Feb '15

Behold! Our First 100% Hidden Dropcam case: Mirrored Tissue Box

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

Our customers have asked for it for some time and after many months of hard work we have finally done it - the first enclosure to completely hide your Dropcam is here.

Check out this beauty:

We developed the 'Mirrored Tissue Box to Hide your Drocpam' with two goals in mind:

1) To create a beautiful and practical piece of furniture

2) To create an enclosure that will completely hide your Drocpam (Duh!) 

The tissue box is inspired by Venetian glass work. Due to its timeless design it blends in well with any interior design. Its massive wooden base and the bevelled  edges make it a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right. Throughout the process we worked closely with experienced furniture designers who helped us create a product with a distinct personality while remaining agnostic to the interior of the room it is placed in.

Concealing the camera was a tricky exercise. When designing the tissue box we made sure that the Dropcam cable could be hidden effectively. The cable is connected inside the tissue box. By placing the tissue box close to a wall you can effectively hide the cable and no one will suspect that this tasteful piece of furniture secretly houses a Dropcam PRO that records everything in its sight.


So...we had a great looking piece of furniture and we had figured out how to hide the cable effectively- the last problem we had to overcome was to make sure that the cameras day and night vision would not be impaired. After a LOT of research and many consultations with optical engineers we found a special one way mirrored material with a very low attenuation coefficient. When placed in our hidden Dropcam enclosure, the camera's day vision is not impaired at all and the night vision works up to 20ft.

If you guys have any questions or comments regarding the tissue box, new product ideas or if you just wanna chat about your Dropcam, just get in touch with us - we love to hear from you.




A big thank you goes out to Sean and Danny from HK Photography Studio, who have taken amazing product pictures...again. Every product is only as good as its pictures and you guys did a great job conveying what's great about our mirrored tissue box.


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