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04 Feb '15

What’s going on at Dropcam/Nest?

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

Since Nest bought Dropcam for US$555m in June 2014 – a lot of things have changed. Pre-orders for Dropcam Tabs (the motion sensors) were cancelled, then the company stopped selling HD cameras, the Drocpam support forum, twitter, facebook and youtube channel have been idle since November 2014…and now one of the Dropcam founders who joined nest after the acquisition - Greg Duffy – is leaving Nest after only being with the company for around half a year.

In November 2014, Business insider reported of a culture clash between Dropcam and Nest. Dropcam employees were supposedly unhappy about the hierarchical structure of Nest, the ‘endless meeting culture’ and the glorification of Nest CEO Tony Fadell.

Dropcam employees are required to work on Saturdays in order to prepare for a product launch called ‘the Quartz’ – and while we at Dropcessories are very excited about the new product – we can understand the frustration about having to work on the weekend all too well.

All of the above factors and probably a LOT more behind the scenes intrigue must have led to Duffy’s decision to leave the company.

He tweeted:

He has not specified what he will be doing after Nest. We are very excited to see what’s next for Dropcam? Maybe they will finally make an outdoor camera or integrate it further with Nest’s thermostat, or maybe even make a hidden Dropcam? Only time will tell.

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