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28 Jan '15

Panda Bear for Dropcam - Baby monitor and Hidden Dropcam

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

You already use Dropcam to keep an eye on your house, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to set it up that’s more attractive than simply having a plain camera sitting in the room? Meet our Panda, Li Li, a fully functional plush toy enclosure for Dropcam.

Panda bear hidden Dropcam

Handmade of quality materials, Li Li is prepared to watch over your home day and night. The Ever-Watchful Furry Friend The panda bear plush toy enclosure lets you hide your Dropcam yet allows all of the features of the camera to work. You’ll still enjoy full security with an unobstructed view thanks to Li Li's innovative construction. Tested and approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials, our Dropcam enclosure is built to last.

Your Dropcam fits snugly inside Li Li's nose while the cord of the camera comes out his back. This secure setup keeps the camera fixed exactly where you want it, and you retain the ability to control the camera's functions including the all-important night vision that allows you to monitor your home around the clock.

And at a compact 7.8 by 11.8 inches, Li Li fits anywhere you want to place your Dropcam. More Than Just a Baby Camera Kids feel more secure when Mom and Dad are watching over them, and what better helper for that job than an adorable panda? Whether you’re using your Dropcam as a baby monitor or are keeping an eye on your toddler, this Dropcam enclosure helps your little ones feel safe. They’ll love interacting with Li Hidden Dropcam Panda bear Dropcam baby monitorLi, knowing that you can see and hear them. With Dropcam’s microphone feature, you can even talk back. That means you can always be there with your kids to say goodnight or soothe your baby to sleep should he or she get fussy.

Make this plush toy even more fun by inventing stories about how Mr. Panda helps you keep your kids safe with his magical night vision even when you can’t be home. Your kids will be much calmer having a plush friend rather than trying to sleep in a room with a camera staring at them all the time. Plus you get peace of mind knowing that the panda enclosure is non-flammable and fully ventilates the camera so it’s safe for use anywhere in the house.

Stay Alert You can travel with confidence when you have a hidden Dropcam watching over your house. Peering out of the nose of the panda, your electronic monitoring system keeps an eagle eye on all activities. When something’s not right, panda will alert you via the Dropcam Smartphone app so you can check up on your home right away. It’s total security—wrapped up in a cuddly panda plush that makes your Dropcam a part of any room’s decor.

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