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16 Jul '14

Why we started Dropcessories...

Posted by Jonathan Goodman

I have been using Dropcam for a bit more than a year now. Most of the time it was standing on a window sill in my living room and whenever I have guests over, they feel somewhat uncomfortable with being watched by the camera. Weirdly enough that feeling only gets stronger when I explain that the camera is recording and saving all the footage using cloud storage.

Reason No 1: Friends and guests find it weird to be watched by a camera in plain sight! While they appreciate that I want a camera in my home to feel more secure, many take issue with how much 'in your face' the camera is. Good point, well made!

Six months ago I quit my job, which was probably one of the most liberating things I have ever done. 

After quitting, I went on a much anticipated, long holiday and left my flat unattended. I did not worry about being burglarized too much mainly because it had never happened to me before and I thought that somebody who spends a lot of time conceiving and executing a burglary will very quickly come to the conclusion that there are lower hanging and juicier fruits to pick than my frugal one bed room apartment. You can probably guess what happened... exactly. One night two guys marched into my flat. Upon seeing the camera, they covered their faces  and unplugged the camera. Aforementioned gentlemen were never caught by the police...which is gutting because they took my Xbox! This leads to me to the second reason...

Reason No 2: Some people are not supposed to know that there is a camera! If I had had an accessory to hide my Dropcam in, the burglars would not have discovered the camera,  would not have covered their faces and maybe the police could have found those guys- classic case of shoulda coulda woulda!!

One would think that the above examples are the misfortunes of one single person, but I figured that I could not possibly be the only person who has had these problems...

Weirdly enough it was relatively hard to come across video footage where robbers saw a Dropcam and went on to disable it...but there are a few examples. My favorite is the below footage from the Palo Alto Police Department where two burglars break into a house, see the Dropcam, cover their faces and disable it. 



Youtube is full of footage of burglars being successfully caught on Dropcam. Many of the criminals in those internet videos, remind me of Harry and Marv - the two dumb criminals from the hit holiday comedy 'Home Alone'. But the fact of the matter is: a lot of criminals are not that inept. However, someone breaking into a house, noticing the camera and subsequently disabling it, does not make for a very good marketing story for the Dropcam, which is why they haven't received as much attention in the media. 

To wrap this up: We believe that hiding your Dropcam - making it less intrusive to guests and less obvious to burglars - is a great idea!


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Posted by STELGA SYSTEM SRL on April 19, 2017

Please post an émanual or a short video on how to set the time on the clock! It’s impossible

Posted by Chris on February 19, 2017

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I cannot get the Dropcam camera to remain stationary in the box. Pleas reply with instructions. (561) 213-3985

Posted by Art Stanger on January 31, 2016

I just received your “black box” and I love it. You have a great, well-thought-out product!

I have a dumb question. Can I turn off the LED clock? I’ve tried every combination of button-pressing I could think of … and unplugged the mini-USB plug. I suspect I’m missing something simple. Can you help? (The box will go totally unnoticed in a dark corner of my book case if I can create a “dark mode.”)

Posted by Mark Downing on December 25, 2015

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